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The Super-Committee, Anything But

We are witnessing an unbelievable lack of leadership in our nation’s Capitol these days.  On Monday the congressional ‘super-committee’ in charge of deficit cutting simply quit, evidently concluding failure was easier to swallow than compromise.  As a result an automatic $1.2 trillion in spending cuts are on schedule to begin in 2013 over the next 10 years, roughly half targeted for the Pentagon but also including education and health care.  Members of both parties appear worried about the impact of the automatic cuts, but ‘so what’ seems to be the refrain.  The super-committee and Congress as a whole appear immune to intense public disapproval of their performance and are willing to gamble that the continued failure to adequately address our nation’s problems won’t have a meaningful impact.  Here’s to throwing out every member of Congress on either side more concerned about their own position than willing to work for the good of the country.


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