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Occupiers Effect?

MCP’s Reid Weaver earned his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2011, the most respected and recognized investment credential in the world.   As a CFA charterholder he gets access for our firm to some interesting data, and we wanted to pass along a piece below from the CFA Institute that was very interesting to us.

source: CFA Institute 2011

Given that the poll reflected above surveyed CFA charterholders – who are anything but ‘outsiders’ to Wall Street –  the idea that almost half of the respondents at least somewhat support the global protests goes to show the deep sense of angst about the economy and those in decision making power.  Though the demands and mission of the ‘occupiers’ are anything but clear, what does seem clear to us is that in some way, shape or form it will not be business as usual the next 10 years on Wall Street.  What configuration this takes is hard to discern, as those that appear to support the idea of the protests seemingly have vastly different end goals.  Though the protests themselves may dissipate shortly, what they represent underneath the surface should not necessarily be dismissed out of hand from an investment perspective.


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