Philosophy & Process

Martin Capital Partners believes that a portfolio focused on high quality companies with a culture of dividend payment and dividend growth will result in above average returns over time, with reduced volatility. Dividends are the tangible and essential link between shareholders and the companies they own and are the engine of long term investment returns. They provide intelligence concerning a company’s financial strength, the quality of its earnings and the confidence of its management and board of directors. Additionally, dividends furnish investors with a steady and growing stream of income that dampens share price volatility and contributes meaningfully to long term returns.

The primary focus of our investment process is the identification of quality companies exhibiting exceptional financial strength and providing durable dividend yields and high dividend growth rates. Comprised of predominantly domestic and international large capitalization stocks, the strategy retains the flexibility to alter exposure to both growth and value styles, as well as it’s participation in mid and small cap companies. We target a portfolio of roughly 35 securities, collectively producing a dividend yield and a dividend growth rate exceeding that of the S&P 500 Index.

How We Serve Clients