Investment Philosophy


We believe that a portfolio focused on high quality companies with a culture of dividend payment and dividend growth will result in above average returns over time, with reduced volatility. Dividends are the tangible and essential link between shareholders and the companies they own, and the engine of long term investment returns. They provide intelligence concerning a company’s financial strength, the quality of its earnings and the confidence of its management and board of directors. Additionally, dividends furnish investors with a steady and growing stream of income that dampens share price volatility and contributes meaningfully to investment success.

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Our Firm


We work with clients to build, manage and preserve wealth through a fundamental, time tested approach. Due to the mathematics of compounding, large losses have a disproportionate effect on cumulative returns. We attempt to avoid this math by de-emphasizing short-term results, which can inadvertently lead to accepting additional risk. Through the positive compounding effects of dividend payment and dividend growth, we help our clients achieve investment returns consistent with their goals, without undue risk.

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